Cuenca. Main Square

This webcam is located in the very heart of the Old City of Cuenca, right at the entrance of its main square. Cuenca is a wonderful and authentic place with many historical and cultural sights, which are all together definitely worth seeing and visiting. Many of them are situated exactly on this Plaza Mayor. The most significant of these monuments is Cathedral of Our Lady of Grace and Saint Julian. This church is the oldest Gothic styled Cathedral erected in Spain. It is interesting, that construction works began in 1182, but the old churches’ facade remains unfinished until today.

Another very popular tourist attraction called The Hanging Houses is located also not far from here. These wooden houses were built in the 15th century over the Huecar River.

Cuenca has so much interesting for every tourist. Building of the Town Hall, The Bishop’s Palace, El Castillo (The Palace), ancient Saint Paul’s Convent, The Saint Peter’s Church and The Church of Saint Michael… Only this city alone has more than enough sights for even very demanding tourists and promises its visitors unforgettable memories (as well as pictures!). Well, we should never forget that Spain is not only a sea resort destination, but much-much more. It is a country with very old history, unique and authentic culture and exceptionally hospitable people.

By the way, if you want to experience the famous hospitality of Cuenca’s inhabitants, come and visit this city during one of the festivals, for example in autumn. It is the time of the famous Spanish running of bulls, food and wine!

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