Potes. Picos de Europa

We are in the province of Cantabria, North Spain. The camera, in the center of the small town of Potes, shows us the peaks of the mountain range named Picos de Europa (“Peaks of Europe”). These mountains do not have record heights, but many of the peaks are over 2.5 kilometers, and the maximum height of the ridge (Torre de Cerredo peak) is 2,648 meters above sea level.

The ridge is divided into three main mountain ranges — the Western, Central and Eastern. Moreover, the first two are separated by a huge gorge, which is a half kilometer wide, where Río Cares flows. The eastern massif is the natural boundary of the neighboring autonomies of Asturias and Cantabria.

Tourists can also get into the mountain range. Here, you will find the deepest caves of Spain with a length of more than one and a half kilometers, such as Torca del Cerro (1,589 meters) or Sima de da Corniz (1,507 meters).

You can also see the road, Barrio Turieno, along which you can reach the foot of the Picos de Europa ridge. On the right side of the screen are the towers of the New Church of the Holy Martyrs.

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