Santander. Panoramic View of the Old City

This webcam is located in the ancient and beautiful city of Santander. The city lies on the north coast of Spain in the historical region of Cantabria.

Santander has a very old and rich history, which, mixed with the city’s wonderful beaches, make it one of the most popular tourist attractions within the entire northern Spain. Through out the centuries Santander has managed to keep the state of being the favorite sea resort of the Spanish Royal Family and aristocracy.

Today every single tourist can visit this city and combine a wonderful and full of sun beach vacation with a terrific cultural and sightseeing program, which includes such beautiful monuments as the unique and beautiful Cathedral of Santander and Palacio de la Magdalena.

The webcam is located in the historical part of the city, which has been severely damaged under the fire in 1941 and later rebuilt. Camera’s objective captures the Santander Bay with the modern city harbour.

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