Varberg. Hofgårds Golf Club

In front of us is the magnificent landscape of Hallands län, Sweden. The camera is installed in the Hofgårds Golf Club, which is located in a suburb of Varberg, Rolfstorp. Hofgårds was opened in 1993; the club operates daily, but you’d better make a booking in advance.

To become a member of the Hofgårds Golf Club, you must pay a membership fee of 4000 SEK (about 400 euros). The green fee for each game in Hofgårds is 240 SEK for a 9-hole course and 440 SEK for an 18-hole course.

On the website of the golf club, there is always an up-to-date schedule, which shows the workload of the fields. Not only adult amateurs and professionals but also pupils and students, who are engaged in elite sports, come to the club.

The hilly landscape of Varberg is good for golf courses. In addition to the Hofgårds club, which you see on the screen, on our website you can watch the online broadcast from Varbergs Golfklubb.

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