In the province of Halland, on the Kattegat Strait coast, is the resort town of Varberg, known for its sandy beaches and historical buildings, dating back more than one century. Many residents of neighboring towns and regions spend their holidays here because the level of service to tourists in Varberg is in no way inferior to the best world resorts.

Tourists will be interested in the fortress which remained here from the thirteenth to the fourteenth centuries. From modern attractions in Varberg, you can visit VLFGrimeton transmitter, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the suburb of Varberg is Varbergs Golfklubb, this camera is installed on one of its pitches. In Sweden, this sport has long ceased to be “elite.” Therefore, in addition to professional players and wealthy amateurs, you can find absolutely anyone here, from a child involved in the local golf school, to pensioners seeking new experiences.

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