Varberg. Västra Sörse District

Creating a modern district in a European town, where different eras and architectural styles are mixed, is not an easy task. It is interesting to observe the construction of new residential complexes, especially given the successful location of Varberg, Sweden, on the North Sea coast.

The camera is installed in front of the Sörse houses, in which more than 500 modern apartments will be built. Interestingly, the building projects for the new district were chosen at an open architectural competition, organized by the municipality of Varbergs Bostads.

Please note that the new buildings are multi-story, although the typical buildings of Varberg are private houses of 1-2 floors (they can be seen behind new buildings in the city center). In the background is the Etterön Peninsula, which used to be an island until 1936 when a small gap between the island and the mainland was filled in.

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