We are looking at Varberg Square, from Varberg Stadshotell & Asia Spa. Sweden is not cheap to travel to, and given the location of the hotel, right in the central city square, it is not surprising that double rooms here start at 150 euros per day.

From west to east, the square is crossed by Torggatan Street, which we see on the left side of the image. Because of this, it seems that the area is much smaller than it actually is. Right behind Torggatan Street is the Varberg Church and the Torggrillen snack bar. The church was built in the neoclassic style, in 1772. There used to be a cemetery around the church but nothing was left by 1852.

As at any real European square, fairs are regularly held in the center of Varberg, every Wednesday and Saturday. Locals and tourists can buy flowers, fruits and vegetables, fish, textiles, and much more. On the right, we can see the sculpture, Bathing Young People, which was installed on the square in 1937. Do not forget to look at this webpage during the Christmas holidays, as each year, since 2010, a huge Christmas tree, standing 15-18 meters high, is installed on Varberg Square.

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