Varberg is a southern Swedish resort. We are looking at the bay of the Apelviken district from Solviken restaurant. The resort is located on the shores of the Kattegat Strait, which connects the North Sea with the Baltic. The strait got its name from the slang language of Dutch navigators. Literally, it means “cat’s door.”

Behind the Solviken is a large camping ground called Destination Apelviken AB; people can hitch their motor homes and trailers in the parking lot, or stay in a tent.
Along the beach, which you can see on the left, open-air cafes and bars have been constructed. The sandy beach of the bay and its shallow bottom are ideal for families with children, as well as for windsurfing lessons.

In Apelviken, there is a small golf course, which is very popular among tourists. In the past, the district was famous all over the country for its sanatorium, but now most of the tourists prefer campsites.

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