It’s cold in the North Sea resorts of Sweden, but here, you can enjoy the magnificent natural scenery all year round. Such spectacular views await you in Varberg. We are in the suburb of this resort, in the area of Nygård, where the campsite Läjets is located.

Most of the travelers come to the shores of the Kattegatt Strait in their own motor-homes, so Läjets has all the conditions for living in a motorhome. It has a large parking lot, electricity, and all the necessary equipment for maintenance and repair of motorhomes.

Of the 789 parking spaces, 267 are supplied with water and drainage. There are also campsites for 100 tents. You can also stay in a comfortable cottage in Läjets.

The campsite entertainment program includes a children’s playground, BMX courses, sauna, football, segway skiing, a tennis court, and a trampoline. Guests of the campsite usually have dinner in nearby restaurants, Lilla Snäckan and Terrassen.

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