Bad Ragaz. Pardiel-Laufböden Cable Car

This camera at the ski resort in Bad Ragaz shows us the trails along the Pardiel-Laufböden ski lift. We are looking at the descents, of different degrees of complexity, from the Pardiel station.

As you see, in this part of the resort, you can go down either on a gentle slope or on more complex slopes, with small jumps, from the top of the mountain. To the right of the lift are the Tritt and Abfahrtsroute slopes, Zanus is on the left. Zanus goes along the picturesque cliff, but do not worry, the obstacles and the slope of the route will not allow you to fall down into the abyss.

At the top station of the ropeway there is a mountain restaurant, Laufbodenstübli, where you can rest in between the descents.

The Pardiel-Laufböden chairlift is a link between the two skiing areas in the Pizol ski resort. From it, you can continue your journey to the trails on the western slopes of the mountain.

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