Bettmeralp. Moosfluh Station

The Aletsch Glacier, in the Swiss region of Raron, ends in the vicinity of the village of Bettmeralp. In 2015, at the place where the eternal ice gives way to the rocky slopes of the mountains, a new cable car, Moosfluh, was built; it became part of the extensive network of lifts of the Aletsch Arena ski resort.

Pay attention to the unusual configuration of the funicular, it has both eight-seat closed cabins, as well as open six-seater chairs. Each tourist can choose the option which seems the most comfortable to them. Cabins and chairs overcome a distance of 1,754 meters in six and a half minutes.

We are at the top station of Moosfluh. It is separated by 450 meters from the lower station. Moosfluh Station is also a great observation deck, both in the summer and in the winter months.

From 2,333 meters, you can see both the valley of the Rhone River and the Aletsch Glacier. A round-trip ticket costs 40 euros, but if you come to the resort with skis or a snowboard, it is better to use a day ticket (60 euros).

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