Riederalp. Aletsch Glacier

This is another gorgeous view of the eternal ice in the mountains of Switzerland. You can look at the Aletsch Glacier from a nearby station, Bettmergrat; and in 2015, the station Moosfluh became another viewpoint. Those tourists who manage to reach the glacier, get to know that the glacier is in constant motion. Every year, its ice shifts 180 meters down.

The camera is set at an altitude of 2,333 meters above sea level. If you want to see the glacier in all its glory and sit quietly on authentic wooden benches, you should come to Riederalp in the summer months. The contrast of icy and snowy peaks with green mountain slopes looks unique.

We can see the general stream of the Great Aletsch Glacier, but closer to the summit it consists of three separate streams that move toward each other from different Alpine peaks. The total length of the glacier is about 23 kilometers, and according to this indicator, the Aletsch is considered the longest glacier in all the Alps.

You can also watch what is happening on the glacier closer to its summit. There is also an online broadcast from the territory of Konkordiahütte, a mountain hut.

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