Blitzingen. Panorama of the Valley

The southern part of Switzerland is indented with picturesque alpine valleys. Now, we are looking at the mountain slopes of Valais (Wallis) canton, from the town of Blitzingen. In the summer, there are not so many tourists here because the holiday season in the Alps begins in the winter, when ski slopes are laid on the snowy sides.

Blitzingen is unique because of its glaciers, including the famous Aletsch Glacier.

Like most European communes, Blitzingen has a rich history that began in 1347. At least, the first document with reference to the town of Blitzo is dated that year.

Skiers and snowboarders stay in Blitzingen only if there are no vacant rooms in hotels in the neighboring villages with funiculars. There are trails for cross-country skiing in Blitzingen. Since 1973, the largest ski marathon in Switzerland has been held here.

The camera is installed in the four-star Hotel Castle. Hotel guests and visitors to the eponymous restaurant can enjoy a magnificent view of the Alpine valley, the same as this camera shows.

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