The survey camera in Neuhausen am Rheinfäle, Switzerland conveys well the atmosphere of one of the most fabulous places in Europe — the Rhine Falls and the Laufen Castle.

The camera is installed on the ferry pier, Schlössli Wörth, named after the castle Wörthersee, built in the 12th century. It is located directly on the quay and also is visible on the screen. Now, there is a restaurant in the castle.

The Rhine Falls is the largest flat waterfall in Europe. Its height is 23 meters, and it’s almost 150 meters wide. Average water consumption depends on the season — in the summer it is 700 m³/s, and in the winter it is almost 3 times less at 250 m³/s. In the past, the waterfall was used as a power generator for local blast furnaces and other industries. Now, only a small 4.6 MW power station, “Neuhausen,” is operating near the waterfall.

The border between two neighboring Swiss cantons, Zurich and Schaffhausen, runs along the River Rhine.

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