We can see a picture that is standard for many Swiss cities; the center of Winterthur houses a lot of low historical buildings, and the railway station is located next door, as well as one of the main squares, Merkurplatz, which is surrounded by parks and green areas.

One of the main attractions on the square is an openair stage, which is visible at the bottom of the image. There used to be a garden of the restaurant Schönthal, where the locals could always have lunch or dinner at the tables set between tall trees.

Merkurplatz, which was renewed in 1991, is often referred to as a town-planning mistake, due to the fact that the open stage is rarely used for its intended purpose and money for maintaining the square must be regularly allocated from the city budget. Gradually, the stage turned into a sleeping place for homeless. Now, the situation is being corrected, and fairs and various exhibitions are being held on the square.

In 2014, a new sculpture, Stadtspielwerk, appeared on the square. On the opposite side of the Merkurplatz, you can see the bust of the politician Jonas Furrer. In the middle of the 19th century, the first president of Switzerland worked for the good of his homeland, first as burgomaster of Zurich, and then in higher positions.

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