Zürich. Panorama of the River Limmat

This is another magnificent panorama of Zurich. We are looking at the western part of the city, from the hotel Zurich Marriott. Right outside the hotel is the Drahtschmidlisteg pedestrian bridge leading to Platzspitz, a city park. In the park, you can relax by the fountain or visit the Swiss National Museum, which is also shown by this webcam.

This panoramic camera covers a huge part of Zurich, so we will list only some of the attractions. When you look to the south, you can see the Altstadt district, where the University of Zurich, the Zurich Opera House, the Protestant Church Grossmünster, and several dozens of iconic buildings are visible.

Some architectural masterpieces of Zurich are on the opposite bank of the Limmat, in particular, the Church of St. Peter and the main station of Zurich. In the west, Uetliberg Mountain is visible, and in the north, there are Zurich’s modern high-rise buildings, such as the 126-meter tall Prime Tower or the highest elevator in the world Swissmill (118 meters high).

You can also look at Zurich from the opposite bank of Limmat.

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