Zürich District. Panorama from Uetliberg Mountain

Holidays in Switzerland are expensive, compared to other European countries. This is especially true of the iconic cities of this country, such as Zurich. The area of the city is only 90 km² (including the suburbs), and given the fame of Zurich all over the world, there are not many hotels and apartments in the city to accommodate everyone here. So, housing prices are quite high.

You can stay outside the city, for example, at Hotel Uto Kulm, from which we are now looking at Zurich. Double rooms at this four-star hotel on Uetliberg Mountain cost about 130 Swiss francs (115 euros) per night. This accommodation option is suitable for travelers who rented a car or arrived in Zurich by their own transport.

This panoramic camera covers areas of Zurich located on the shores of Lake Zurich, in addition, we can see the picturesque nature of Switzerland, as well as the hotel Uto Kulm.

Uetliberg mountain has a height of 869 meters above sea level. There are numerous hiking trails, where you can ride a mountain bike. In order to visit the mountains, you should take the S10 train at the central train station in Zurich. In 20 minutes, you will find yourself on the top of Uetliberg, next to the famous 187-meter television tower, built in 1990.

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