Zürich. Pedestrian Bridge over Hardbrücke

The important transport artery of Zurich, Hardbrücke, connects the Hard area and the Zürich Hardbrücke railway station with the Wipkingen District, located on the northern coast of Limmat. The word “bridge” in the name of the street is not mentioned by chance because this street, built in 1972, is the second level of the road. Hardbrücke crosses several streets running along the Limmat.

The camera is installed next to Schiffbauplatz, at the pedestrian crossing via Hardbrücke. Signboards of local shops, such as Jumbo, as well as traffic on the Hardbrücke are visible behind the lattice of the bridge, about 70,000 cars go along this road every day. In 2011, a large-scale reconstruction of the Hardbrücke, seriously affected by heavy trucks over the long years of operation, was carried out.

Tram lines are laid both under the bridge and on it; under Hardbrücke, you can take trams 4, 13, and 17. The total length of the street is 1,350 meters, the width varies from 17.5 to 28.4 meters. In the southwest, Hardbrücke turns into Hardstrasse, which in turn leads to Albisriederplatz.

Hardbrücke Street passes through Limmat. Strange as it may seem, the bridge over the river itself has a different name, Wipkingerbrücke.

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