Ried-Brig. Simplon Mountain Pass

We can see the Pennine Alps in the Swiss district of Brig. This view opens to us from the mountain hut, Bortelhütten, built in the famous Simplon Pass. Travelers stop here to grab a snack or spend the night in comfortable beds. The cost is about 30 euros per night. In addition, you can have a hearty lunch for about 10 euros.

The way from the nearest settlements to the mountain hut will take at least 2.5 hours. The hut is open for visits from June 25 to September 30 and, depending on the weather, it may extend a few days into October. So, do not expect a cozy overnight stay, if you go to the mountains in the winter.

The Simplon mountain pass is the link between the Swiss city of Brig and the Italian Domodossola in Piemonte.

We can see the Ganter Bridge, one of the main manmade sights of the pass. The bridge is almost 700 meters long and was built in 1980. Due to difficult climatic conditions, construction was conducted only 8 months a year. Until 2014, the bridge had the largest spans in the whole of Switzerland. For its time, Ganter was a breakthrough in bridge construction. The last bridge overhaul was carried out between 2006 and 2008. The next repair is planned for 2050.

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