Saas-Fee. Britannia Mountain Hut

Wondering how to get a table in a restaurant, with a unique view of the Alpine peaks? First, you need to fly to Switzerland and go to the small resort village of Saas-Fee. Then, climb to a height of 3,030 meters above sea level using local cable cars, including the highest, Felskinn, named after the eponymous peak.

Here, surrounded by eternally snow-capped mountains, a mountain hut, Britannia, was built. This Alpine hut of the Swiss Alpine Club appeared next to the Allalin Glacier in 1912. The hut was donated by the British Mountaineers Association as a sign of gratitude to the Swiss association.

Thanks to high technology, several of the most difficult issues were resolved, one of which was the production of electricity. Numerous solar panels installed on the roof of the hut are doing this now. The last overhaul of the chalet took place in 1997. Britannia is a start of numerous tourist routes, including the record-breaking peaks of Alphubel, Rimpfischhorn, Stralhorn, and Allalinhorn, whose height exceeds the mark of four kilometers above sea level.

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