Saas-Fee. The Top of Mittelallalin

We can see the world’s highest rotating restaurant on the top of Mittelallalin. We are at an altitude of 3,457 meters above sea level. You can get here by a cableway or underground funicular, Metro Alpin, which is considered the highest one in the world.

From Mittelallalin, you can go to Mount Allalinhorn, whose height is more than 4 kilometers! Despite the record height, almost any tourist in more or less good physical shape can conquer this high mountain. Men managed to climb to the top of Allalinhorn, for the first time, in 1856. Now, climbing the mountain takes about 2 hours from Mittelallalin Station.

The picturesque glacier cave, Eispavillon, which is hiding on the top, is another attraction of these places. The largest artificial ice cave in the world has a volume of 5.5 thousand cubic meters. The entrance fee is only 10 euros, so when you get to the top of Mittelallalin, you should visit this pavilion.

The ski slopes in this area of Saas-Fee are open both in winter and in summer.

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