Phai Khwang. Bridge over the Nan River

The camera is directed towards the border of the provinces of Phichit and Phitsanulok. We can see a bridge across the Nan River, which connects the northern and southern parts of the Phai Khwang District. The camera is installed on the territory of the Buddhist temple, Wat Dan.

It is only 2 kilometers from the bridge, which you see on the screen, to the neighboring province of Thailand. Since the population in this part of Phichit is small, only one bridge is built here, which means that the entire basic infrastructure of the city is located around it for the convenience of local residents. So, the local administration, Phai Khwang Sub District Administration Organization, is just a 5-minute walk from the bridge.

The bridge itself, along with Buddhist temples, is one of the local attractions. In the center of the bridge, there are memorial plaques in beautiful frames. You can see one of them on the left side of the bridge.

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