Kiev. European Square

The turning camera in front of European Square, in Kiev, shows us the traffic situation on several city streets. The streets of Khreshchatyk, Trehsvyatitelskaya, Vladimirsky Spusk and Mikhail Grushevsky meet at the circular traffic intersection.

The square is located on the site of the Konnaya Square, which appeared here in the nineteenth century as a result of horse fairs that were held in this part of Kiev. The current name was given to the square, after the European Hotel, in 1996.

The camera is aimed at the square where national flags and a football, symbolizing the European Championship of 2012 held in Poland and Ukraine, are installed. Behind the square is the National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine, built in 1911. This monument of architecture is the only surviving structure of such designation in Kiev.

Among other sights of the Ukrainian capital, which are located next to the square, you can find the Ukrainian House, the Dnepr Hotel, the National Philharmonic of Ukraine, the Children’s Puppet Theater and other interesting buildings.

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