Abersoch. The Main Beach

We can see the central beach of the Welsh resort of Abersoch, which is situated on the Lleyn peninsula. In the village, there are about 1000 residents, but in the summer months there are a lot of people there.

The name Abersoch comes from the river of Afon Soch, which flows nearby.

Abersoch, like many coastal settlements around the world, used to be a fishing village.

Now, you rarely meet fishing enthusiasts in Abersoch, but you can try your hand at various water sports such as sailing, windsurfing and water skiing. By the way, fans of surfing come here not only in summer, but also during other seasons because waves can get to 1.5 meters high in the winter.

On the main beach, the Big Air competitions are held every year. Previously, the competition ended with the Wakestock music festival, but now it is cancelled.

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