George Town. Restaurant Royal Palms Beach Club

The embankment on Grand Cayman is built up with hotels and restaurants, they’re not only in cities. Look at these dense rows of tables of the Royal Palms Beach Club restaurant, as well as beach umbrellas by the sea. In front of us is the resort area between the cities of Georgetown and West Bay.

This area of the island includes not only excellent restaurants and luxury hotels, such as the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort, but also an art gallery and golf clubs.

Royal Palms Beach is almost always full of tourists, despite the relatively high prices—the entrance fee is $2 and the rental of deck chairs with an umbrella is $35! The beach has a shower, toilet, and changing rooms, as well as a small pool, the access to which is allowed for adults only. Pure turquoise sea and white sand is the way you can describe the Royal Palms Beach.

As for the restaurant, the majority of its visitors are tourists from cruise liners who enter the port of Grand Cayman for a few hours. You can get to the Royal Palms Beach Club either on foot or by taxi (it’s cheap, about $ 4 per person). There you will find a magnificent view of the sea and cruise liners, as well as a varied menu. For example, breaded tuna costs $31 and pizza is about $15.

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