A camera at the small Bermuda island of Nonsuch has been transmitting a picture of the nest of an unusual bird, a Bermuda Typhoon, for several seasons. By its name, you can guess where this bird lives.

From the beginning of the 17th century until recently, the typhoon had been considered an extinct species. The situation changed in 1951, when the first bird was discovered. After that, a government program was organized to conserve and revive this rare species. The program was implemented by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of Bermuda. In the course of it, artificial holes were created where the Bermuda Typhoon now lives.

Now, they live on several Bermuda islands. The typhoon, which we can see on the screen, has nested on the island of Nonsuch since 2009. The black-and-white image shows us sleeping birds which fly to the sea during the day time.

As for the island of Nonsuch, it is a wildlife reserve and has no free access. In 1865, there was a quarantine hospital of yellow fever on the island. There is a small cemetery on the eastern part of the island.

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