Boothbay Harbor. Fisherman Statue

Captain Brown meets tourists on the banks of Boothbay, United States. The camera in front of Brown’s Wharf Inn is directed toward the statue of a giant fisherman in a yellow raincoat. By the way, “Captain Brown” is also the name of the cottage located near the statue.

The house of Captain Brown was built in the 19th century and has a stunning view of the ocean. Weekly rent of such a house costs $1000 in the low season and $2000 in the high season.The guest house can accommodate up to four guests. The house has everything you need for a comfortable stay, a phone, HD TV, Wi-Fi, a refrigerator, and so on.

Brown’s Wharf is also a marina for boat owners, as well as a restaurant, where guests can eat lobster. The camera is installed on Atlantic Avenue, which stretches along the entire east coast of the Boothbay Harbor.

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