Boothbay Harbor. Marina

The camera at the Brown’s Wharf Inn, in the American city of Boothbay Harbor, is directed toward the place where small boats and yachts moor.

Boothbay is one of the most popular places for mooring vessels on the east coast of the resort. Tourists leave their boats there and go to nearby seafood restaurants, visit the Botanical Garden, the fish market, or go to the Boothbay golf courses.

Brown’s Wharf is located second at the entrance to the harbor. They moor up to 45 vessels 50 meters long. Owners of vessels can use electricity, laundry services, as well as boat repair and maintenance.

Brown’s Wharf has been functioning for more than 25 years. In a three-star hotel, you can find double rooms, which offer views of the harbor, at a price of 160 dollars per night.

In the background, you can see the central part of Boothbay Harbor, as well as several large hotels, like Boothbay Harbor Inn.

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