Boston. Leonard Zakim Memorial Bridge, named after the Battle of Bunker Hill

The bridge is called Zakim Bridge. This is one of the widest cable bridges in the world — it is 56 meters wide. Have a look at the elegant construction of the bridge and its 82-meter support. The total length of the Zakim Bridge is 436 meters. It was opened in 2003.

The construction of the bridge was completed in 2002, and it was tested with the help of elephants. Fourteen of them tested the bridge on October 4 and proved that the new landmark of Boston is capable of supporting more than 100,000 pounds of weight. Elephants can foresee danger, and it is believed that they would not walk along an unstable bridge.

Zakim Bridge has 10 traffic lines, two of them are supported by cables. The bridge has replaced the old one of the 1950s, the Charlestown Bridge.

During the construction of the bridge, specialists faced several difficult tasks. The problems were solved due to the asymmetry in the design and other innovative solutions. The “oddity” of this bridge is easily explained from an engineering point of view. For example, the bridge has a slope of 5°, which made it easy to connect the road with a tunnel on the south bank.

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