Boston. Longfellow Bridge

Boston is built on the confluence of several rivers and on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. There are a lot of bridges connecting various areas of the city. We can see one of them built at the beginning of the 20th century. Longfellow Bridge connects the center of Boston with the neighboring city of Cambridge.

Trains go along the Longfellow Bridge. Pay attention to the towers in the center of the bridge. “Salt-and-Pepper Bridge” is the nickname given to the Longfellow Bridge because of its towers.

The towers in the center of the bridge perform not only a decorative function. They have a staircase that allows pedestrians access to the sidewalk under the bridge. Funny, but the initial width of the sidewalks (about 3 meters) had decreased, for unknown reasons, by 2013.

Rebuilt in 2013-2018, the bridge has a length of almost 540 meters and a width of 32 meters. About 30,000 motorists and 90,000 pedestrians use it daily. Longfellow Bridge replaced West Boston Bridge, built in 1793.

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