Buena Park. Orangethorpe Avenue

Orangethorpe Ave runs through the southern part of Buena Park and goes into 57 highways in northeast Anaheim. Residential areas, industrial zones, parks and shops are built along this road. We are looking at it from the office of StarDot. The camera is directed to the northeast; on the opposite side of the avenue, you can see a local school.

Nearby, there are shopping centers, cafes and restaurants, private houses, and religious institutions. Business centers are built between Orangethorpe Avenue and the Artesia Motorway (California National Route 91). This highway connects the coast of Los Angeles with the city of Riverside.

In the foreground, we can see the parking lot of Leach International Corporation. You can get to this area of Buena Park by car and by public transport. On the screen, we can see buses number 30, approaching the bus stop. The building on the right side, with the blue roof, is the gymnasium of the Buena Park Junior High School.

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