Buena Park. StarDot Technologies Office Aquariums

Large companies entertain their employees in different ways, such as with gyms or special recreation areas, but StarDot Technologies has chosen an aquarium with colorful fish. Given that the company specializes in installing webcams, this broadcast can be considered as a demonstration of the capabilities of StarDot.

You can watch fish life in HD quality. The cams are installed in front of two 60-gallon aquariums (about 227 liters of water). For feeding fish, they use flakes, algae pellets, and dried worm cubes.

New inhabitants have been added to aquariums. In 2017, it was Botia macracantha, diamond munhauzia, Poecilia sphenops, and a heteromorph. Before that, fluorescent aquarium fish, spotted, blue neon, guppy, golden catfish, and plemostomy had lived in the aquariums.

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