Key West. Mallory Square

If, on the screen, you see a huge building on the right side of the image, and the next moment the water of Gulf of Mexico, do not be surprised. Mallory Square plays host to many cruise ships that aren’t so much ships as they are floating cities.

The camera is installed at the Ocean Key Resort & Spa. Despite the fact that it is located in the busiest area of Key West, guests can enjoy the peace and have a rest from the busy embankment in the courtyard of a four star hotel.

Mallory Square is famous for its daily Sunset Celebrations; tourists gather here to watch the sunset, listen to the musicians and watch the artists. The festivities begin two hours before the sunset and last until late at night.

Cruise ships must leave the port before the Sunset Celebration. This long-standing tradition is still valid, though a pier is being constructed right on Mallory Square.

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