Key West. View of Sunset Key

When you look at this video, you get an impression that you are on the edge of the Earth. And this is partly a true feeling, because the camera is mounted in the southernmost part of the continental US. Surprisingly, in Key West, a temperature below 0 ° C has never been recorded.

This is a view of the Sunset Key island from Ocean Key Resort & Spa. On this island are the most expensive hotels and accommodations in Key West. You can get to the island only by the water taxi, which leaves from Westin Harbour. Originally, the island was used for military purposes, but over time it became clear that keeping an expensive strategic site here was pointless, so Sunset Key quickly turned into a luxury resort.

Next to Ocean Key Resort & Spa is one of the Key West squares, Mallory Square. There are several cafes, a museum, a small theater and a great viewing platform that offers excellent views of Sunset Key. Almost every evening, live music is performed by street musicians.

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