La Grande. Hoke Union of Eastern Oregon University

We are observing the student life of Eastern University of Oregon from the Hoke Union. The camera is pointing toward Badgley Hall (the building can be seen in the center of the screen behind the park) and the Pierce Library (on the right).

In 2012-2013, large-scale reconstruction was carried out in the Hoke Union building. Now, there are many training classes where seminars and congresses are held. Students can eat at Mountie Café and Mac’s Grill (cafes do not work during the summer months).

Hoke Union has a copy center, a university bookstore, and an ATM. In the large audience of this building, for example, in Hoke 339, training sessions, as well as theatrical performances, conferences, banquets, and other events, can host up to 150 people.

Between the main buildings of Eastern University there are parks and alleys. Students can have a picnic or a snack there. When this camera turns 180 degrees, we can see the sports facilities of the university.

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