La Grande. Inlow Hall of Eastern Oregon University

The administrative building of the Eastern University of Oregon, Inlow Hall was built in 1929 in the northern part of the modern campus. The architecture of the building reminds one of Italian Renaissance buildings. Right under the camera is the main entrance, with a grand staircase and a terrace.

Since the founding of the school in 1935, all classes were held in Inlow Hall. Today, Eastern University of Oregon has many buildings and other facilities, stadiums, parking lots, dormitories, and so on.

We can see 9th Street, leading to Washington Avenue. We can see the typical urban buildings of La Grande. In the background, we can see the Blue Mountains. The total area of this mountain range is 50,000 square kilometers, and the highest point of Rock-Grick-Butte is 2,776 meters above sea level.

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