Laramie. The Historic Center of the City

A quiet small town in Wyoming is located on the way from Denver to Salt Lake City. About 30,000 people live here. We are in the historic center of Laramie, on North 2nd Street.

For 100 years, the center of Laramie has remained the same. Not only the buildings, but even the signs and decorative elements of the houses are kept in perfect condition.

The rapid development of Laramie began with the opening of the University of Wyoming here. The University of Wyoming was opened in 1887. The main campus of the university is a real architectural landmark not only in Laramie, but also in the entire United States. The number of university applicants is growing every year. Annually, more than 4,000 freshmen enter the University of Wyoming.

In 2011, despite the huge number of students, the city was recognized as the best place in the states to retire.

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