McChesneytown-Loyalhanna. Basilica of Saint Vincent

The Roman Catholic Basilica in Westmoreland County was founded in 1790. The Church of St. Vincent is the oldest Benedictine monastery in the USA and the largest in the entire Western Hemisphere. The monks of St. Vincent’s Abbey founded many similar temples throughout the country, an abbey in Newark, Minnesota, and other states.

Next to the basilica is a large educational institution, St. Vincent’s College, founded in 1846. They have many training programs for students. There are 4 schools:

  • School of Business and Economics;
  • School of social sciences, communication and education;
  • School of Humanities and Fine Arts;
  • School of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Engineering.

The modern Basilica of St. Vincent, which we can see on the screen, appeared in Latrobe, in 1905. The last restoration was carried out in 1996 and was timed to the 150th anniversary of the founding of the college.

A survey camera, installed in McChesneytown, shows us the facade and the northern wall of the basilica.

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