Northampton. Spillway of the Paradise Pond

The river Mill runs through the campus of Smith College, which is located in Northampton, Massachusetts. In the middle of the 18th century, a dam was erected in this area and Paradise pond appeared there. The camera is installed at the southern part of this pond and is directed toward the spillway.

College students do not just relax on the banks of the pond, but also use it for educational purposes; they study the water body ecosystem, and students of the departments of geology and biology conduct research on the pond, in the field of hydrology and vegetation.

In 2012, many students and ordinary residents of Northampton were frightened by the fullness of the pond. It turned out that the water level was deliberately reduced because they were doing repair work on the dam and preparing the pond for further dredging work.

We can also see the pier and the college dance hall located next to it. On the left side are the trees, behind which a baseball pitch is situated.

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