Steinhatchee. Steinhatchee River

The river you see on the screen is also known by other names—Hittenhatchee, Esteenhatchee, and Isteenhatchee. The boundary between the districts of Taylor and Dixie runs along the river. Despite its short length, about 55 kilometers, there are several very picturesque places on the river, like Steinhatchee Waterfall, a drainage basin and the mouth of the river, where it flows into the Gulf of Mexico.

The camera is installed on a small peninsula, offering stunning views of the estuary. We can see the piers off the coast of Steinhatchee, Roy’s seafood restaurant, as well as yachts and boats of various sizes, including fishing ones. Fishermen catch mullet, sea and red perch, Spanish mackerel, hemulon, and different types of crabs there.

We are in the village of Steinhatchee. On the opposite bank of the river is the village of Jena, which belongs to another district, Dixie.

Since the 19th century, Steinhatchee has played an important role in the development of the timber and fishing industries.

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