Tampa. The University of Tampa. The Human Performance Research Lab

A new camera on the grounds of the University of Tampa displays all the stages of new building construction. Graduate students are going to conduct health research there. The official press release of the university says that the construction of a new building is due to the academic need in the expansion of the educational program.

The new building has lecture halls, research laboratories, and classrooms for graduate students. Previously, the site of the new building was a wasteland.

The building is close to the Pepin Stadium. To the north of the running tracks and the football field is another sports facility of the University of Tampa — Sam Bailey baseball field.

The new building perfectly matches with the other buildings of the university. The most modern medical equipment is installed there, such as an audiovisual system.

We can see other university buildings, such as Sykes Chapel and Center for Faith and Values, which is in the very heart of the university.

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