Yellowstone National Park. Old Faithful. Geysers

Yellowstone National Park covers a huge area of about 9000 square kilometers, and features about two third parts of the world’s geothermal springs. God has been more than generous when He created this land — beautiful lakes, deep canyons, full-flowing rivers and high mountain ranges can be found everywhere.

In addition, Yellowstone National Park features about 3000 geysers. Two of them, called Steamboat and Old Faithful, are among the most visited attractions of the park.

There even was built a special observation platform near Old Faithful, where visitors can watch after its frequent eruptions, which, by the way, are more or less predictable.

The show is quite spectacular. It shoots about 30000 liters of boiling water to an average height of 37-46 meters! You can see it with your own eyes, if you watch our webcam in an hour or two.

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