Ho Chi Minh City. Fan Xich Long Street

Let’s visit the Ho Chi Minh Ward-2 area. On Phan Xich Long, we can see a typical picture of this Vietnamese city: traffic jams, shops, cafes, and colorful architecture, as well as green trees and well-kept flower beds.

The camera is installed in the building of the district administration near the crossroads of Fan Xich Long and Fang Ang Luu. The name of both streets is connected with the political figures of Vietnam, who participated in the revolution in the beginning of the last century. When you travel around Vietnam, you will see the streets with the same names in other cities of the country as well.

On the opposite side of the street, we can see the sign of a popular pizzeria chain, The Pizza Company. In Ho Chi Minh City you can find different restaurants, so there are a dozen different cafes next to the pizzeria.

Different skyscrapers are being built in Ho Chi Minh City. One of them is Ward-2. But there are still a lot of old low-rise buildings.

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