Nha Trang. View of the City. Immaculate Heart Temple

The weather camera of Nha Trang is located near the Nha Trang Airport. We can see several architectural sights of the Vietnamese resort, as well as the mountains on the northern end of Nha Trang Bay. In the foreground is a new temple of the city, Nhà Thờ Khiết Tâm or the Temple of the Immaculate Heart.

The temple was built in 1956 and when it opened, it was attended by about 500 parishioners. To date, this number has almost doubled. You can also meet tourists in the temple.

For several decades, the original construction of the temple was seriously damaged, so a major reconstruction was conducted from 2003 to 2006. After the renovation, the church area increased to 1610 square meters. The temple is 46 by 33 meters. Its height is 24 meters, and the belltower, which is closest to the camera, has a height of 27 meters.

On the left, are skyscrapers of Nha Trang and on the right is a high-rise residential complex in the background of low-rise buildings found in this district of the city.

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