Alpbach. Inneralpbach District

Innerpalbach is located at the eastern foot of Wiedersberger Horn. There is a small lift, Galtenberglift (it can be seen in the background), serving the route of medium complexity, Pögl. At the top station of this chairlift, at an altitude of 1,270 meters above sea level, is Böglalm Restaurant, famous for its mulled wine.

For extreme sportsmen who are unlikely to be interested in skiing on the Pögl track, there is another lift, Pögl 8er Jet within walking distance. This modern cabin ropeway takes tourists to the height of 1,885 meters, where they can find a huge number of difficult routes.

Please note that even in such a small tourist area as Innerpalbach, you can see an architectural monument. At the bottom of the picture is the Church of the Sacred Heart, built in the Gothic style at the beginning of the 20th century. Despite its young age, the church building was restored several times (in the 1960s and 1995).

In the center of the image, we can see several popular resort hotels, Apartment Galtenberg in particular, where double rooms, at the height of the ski season, cost 90 euros.

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