Dornbirn. Panorama of the City from Karren Mountain

Perhaps the best view of Dornbirn, opens from Karren Mountain. We are looking at it from the height of 976 meters. Any tourist can have a birds-eye view of Dornbirn, if they use Dornbirner Seilbahn lift. Karren offers not only beautiful views of the Austrian city, but also a cozy panoramic restaurant, Panoramarestaurant Karren.

The site of Karren Mountain has an interesting section for travelers, who have already visited the top. The so-called “selfie point” is where all the brave tourists, who are not afraid to stand on the edge of a precipice, take pictures.

You should visit Dornbirn. This Austrian city combines the architecture of the past centuries with beautiful modern buildings. Every year, almost 150,000 tourists come here.

On clear days, you can see the huge lake, Bodensee, where the borders of Switzerland, Germany and Austria meet.

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