Ehrwald. Feldernalm Ski Area

The highest point of Ehrwald Ski Resort is 1,869 meters above sea level. As you can see, the mountains near this village are much higher. The resort is built at the Wetterstein Mountain Range, the peaks of which are a kilometer higher than the Feldernalm trails.

The camera is installed in the middle of the local cableway, Gaistal, in the restaurant, Hochfeldern Alm. From the terrace of this restaurant, you can see the skiers moving in the six-seater chair lift, and also enjoy the view of the inaccessible mountains, along which the borders of Austria and Germany pass. You can also see the peaks of the Mieminger Mountain Ridge in the territory of Austria. This is how this terrace looks in the summer, when the restaurant is open from 8am to 5pm daily.

Hochfeldern Alm is also a place to stay for those who do not want to return to the hotels at the foot of the mountain every day. There are three accommodation options, you can get a bed in a common room for 20 euros, a bed + breakfast for 30 euros, or bed + breakfast + dinner for 48 euros.

The Gaistal funicular was opened in this place in 2007. Thanks to it, a new route appeared in the Feldernalm ski area, which is perfect for beginners or children. The length of the Feldernanger-Abfahrt is 2 kilometers, and the difference in altitude, between the starting and ending points of the route, is about 200 meters.

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