Hochkar. Hochkar Ski Resort

Hochkar is a mountain on the border of Lower Austria and Styria, and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the district of Scheibbs. The camera is installed at the lower station of the ski resort, next to the ski lifts built on the slopes of Hochkar.

As you can see, the slopes of the mountain have a diverse landscape, thanks to which it was possible to create trails for beginners and experienced tourists. The ski resort is relatively young, it was opened in 2012, and every year it tries to offer tourists new interesting routes.

The panoramic camera shows us only a few cable cars. There are 8 of them in the resort, of which 5 of them have a four-chair version (Hochkarbahn, Häsing, Leckerplanbahn, Draxlerlochbahn, Almlift), 1 is a double chairlift (Großes Kar), and two are drag lifts, Sonnenlifte and Zagerlboden.

A huge benefit of this resort is the short distance between the ski lifts and the hotels, which are built next to the funicular stations. In this frame, we can see several hotels and restaurants of the resort, such as Latschen-Alm.

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