Hochkar. Hochkarbahn Station

Hochkarbahn is one of the most fascinating points of the Hochkar resort. The station was built right on the border of Lower Austria and Styria. This chairlift is the only one in the entire resort that operates all year round. In the winter, it is best for tourists to use the ski passes to save on the climbs; and in the summer, for a sightseeing tour, you just need a round-trip ticket for 19 euros.

From the top station, tourists can walk to the top of Hochkar, the height of which is 1,808 meters above sea level. We can also see another resort funicular, Großes Kar. Unlike Hochkarbahn, which leads up to Vorgipfel, Großes Kar goes straight to the top of Hochkar.

Other resort cableways have more modest characteristics, but they serve simpler routes. The length of Großes Kar and Hochkarbahn is more than one kilometer, while the other lifts are about half as long, for example, Almlift is 507 meters long.

The PTZ camera shows us the panorama of Scheibs County, from a height of 1,770 meters above sea level. We can see Hochkar, as well as other mountain peaks.

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