Thumersbach. Panorama of the Resort from Reiterweg Street

A fantastic view of Lake Zeller opens to us from the slopes of Mount Pointer (height 1,303 meters above sea level). As you can see, the artificial lake is surrounded by Alpine peaks on all sides, which means the weather is almost always windless there.

The camera is installed on Reiterweg Street, in Thumersbach village. Along this street, there are several classic Austrian houses, some of which are for rent. The neighboring streets also have several interesting accommodation options, such as Pension Herzoggut.

It is a marvel that even in such a sparsely populated area, you can find a real monument of architecture, the church of St. Sigismund. It is built in Talstrasse. The territory under the camera belongs to Kurpark Thumersbach, where guests can swim in the pool or play tennis.

In the background, we can see the largest settlement on Lake Zeller, Zell am See. On the other side of the lake, the mountains are much steeper, which means that the ski infrastructure is well developed there.

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